Oil tankers

Just a quick post today, as I’m out on the road. I spent yesterday at the Science Museum Wroughton with some transport specialists. One used to work for a well-known British oil company, and I had a very interesting chat with him about equipment used for cleaning up oil spills at sea.

More on that in a later post (when I’ve had a chance to look into it and get some pictures together), but for now, let me quickly introduce our model of the motor-ship ‘Vulcanus’, built in Amsterdam in 1910. She was the first motor-driven oil tanker (in other words, driven by an internal-combustion engine):

Model of MS Vulcanus, 1910 (credit: Science Museum / Science & Society)

Model of MS 'Vulcanus', 1910 (credit: Science Museum / Science & Society)

The transport of crude oil in bulk around the world, in ships descended from Vulcanus, is a fascinating – and occasionally catastrophic – story. More on all this soon…

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