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Get on!

I had a great day out on Sunday at our Wroughton Festival of Innovation. I had my first ever motorbike lesson!

My instructor was the excellent (and patient) Neil, from Ace Motorcycle Training, who got me properly riding – changing gears and everything. OK, I didn’t get higher than second, and I had some difficulty turning corners, but I didn’t stall much and more importantly I really enjoyed it…

Ace is taking part in the industry-led Get On campaign which is promoting life on two wheels, offering newcomers their first ride (like mine) or helping them return to biking if they have lapsed.

Downshifting from cars to bikes seems a positive step on the road to sorting out transport problems (from urban congestion to climate-changing emissions) and this campaign seems to have the elements of positivity and active enjoyment that are likely to entice people out of their cars.

So let’s see what small, modern(ish) motorbikes we’ve got in the collection. Only two jump out. There’s a Honda CB92 from 1964 in store at Wroughton (no pic to hand, but lots on Google Images), and in our absorbing Dan Dare exhibit at the Science Museum there’s a 1965 Honda 50 – the pizza-deliverer’s friend, described as the best-selling powered vehicle of all time.

Honda 50 motorcycle (credit: Science Museum / Science & Society)

Honda 50 motorcycle (credit: Science Museum / Science & Society)

I’m afraid I don’t know what I had my lesson on. It was black and I was somewhat preoccupied with not crashing it. Neil, if you’re reading this – what was it? A Kawasaki? Yamaha? Something like that?