Putting the Martians on Mars

All stitched up

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Stitched Science event this weekend. We had a ball and hope you did too. We’ve gathered together a few pictures to give those that couldn’t make it a flavour of the event.

The most popular activity, even among people completely new to the world of wool, was knitting a Mars Martian to be stuck on the knitted planet Mars.

Getting people’s creations up on the planets provided a bit of a spectacle. We had a few attachment issues with plastic bag yarn continents falling off but we got there in the end.

The cross stitch was also really interesting with Colin and Jamie (Mr X Stitch) displaying some of their work which included cross stitched Pokemon characters and cross stitch graffiti.

When it came to communicating science, both Woolly Thoughts (maths and illusion knitting) and Knit a Neurone (neuroscience) had a great response from visitors. It really engaged people and got people talking about scientific subjects in a very different way.

If you came along let us know what you thought…

4 thoughts on “All stitched up

  1. Madame Molet

    Things to make and learn about; and generously for free. What’s not to like! Loved the Martians, Mr x Stitch. Fascinated by knitted version of Napier’s bones and to hear the originals were in the


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