Special event: Science in the news

Get your students to be science journalists for a day! The Talk Science team is running sessions of our News + Views activity as part of the Creative Quarter events on the 13 November.

It’s an activity that will get them talking with experts, writing bite-sized text, backing up opinions with evidence and creating their own science news display. It was created with the Science Museum’s Antenna team, our in house science journalists who create exhibitions about cutting edge science news.

At last year’s event we were joined by roboticist Matt Denton and his latest creation the i.c.hexapod, a sociable robot with face-tracking software. The little guy is programmed to approach people, interact with them, and take pictures. It was created as an art project that raises issues about the possibility of human robot relationships but the technology obviously has other, more sinister implications.

Student interacting with the robot

Student interacting with the robot

The kids really got into it, asking probing questions about the potential for similar robots to be used for spying or in a the military. It provoked discussion about our surveillance state, where we are caught up to 300 times a day on CCTV. The students were also interested in the possibility of using robots as care-givers, and whether that would be a good or a bad thing.  

Presenting the poster

Presenting the poster

It was an opportunity for the kids to meet a real scientist working in an extremely exciting field. We’re not ready to reveal who will be coming in for the event in November, but we’ll keep you posted…

The programme is part of the Creative Quarter project for 13 -19 year olds. Places are limited and it’s sure to be a sell out so click here for booking details.

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