LHC back in business

The world’s biggest atom smasher is back on track.


iny particles zoom around the Large Hadron Collider's 27 km underground tunnel

The Large Hadron Collider was switched on this week and the last time we checked on their Twitter account it was all going well. The scientists will continue in their work to unravel our understanding of how the universe came into exisitence. The project has been beset by problems and delays since opening in 2008 but has been back up and running since mid March this year. This week should see the LHC running at half its potential power capacity.

The LHC has great discussion potential for the classroom, with many teachers having had plenty of questions from pupils who want to know if we are all going to be swallowed by a black hole created by it. (The answer is no,  in case you were worried!) The Science Museum’s Antenna team first reported on the LHC back in 2007 and put together this handy mini site with all the back ground information you need for a discussion.

Looking for ideas to kick of the discussion? Try our handy powerful question generator activity to link the topic to what your students love talking about.

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