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Do you have a favourite website (or three) to visit for science news and articles? We do! Here are our top five:

1) Antenna – our antenna gallery’s website features short science news stories which are updated daily, include expert opinions and open polls for you to contribute to. Very readable and great for your students to use when doing their research.

2) – really a lot like reading a magazine rather than just a site to research news stories, this is engaging and full of cool stories to explore with videos and amazing images.

3) - covering everything from astrophysics to neuroscience and even science news for kids, this is a great site for more in-depth articles.

4) National Geographic Daily News -  nature news stories, with plenty of links to related articles and resources. Also worth checking out their blogs, covering travel, photography, green living and more.

5) New Scientist – science, tech, environment, health, opinions, everything is here. You can read headlines or get ahold of more technical articles. You do have to register (free) to access some of the stories though, and others are only available to paid subscribers.

Dive in! (And please do share your faves with us too!)

Artist's view of star formation

Artist's rendition of star formation.

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