Talk Science Course new dates

Here at the Science Museum we have noticed it’s summer outside the window (occasionally)… so the blog will be taking a break for a few weeks whilst we recharge our batteries!

Holidays on the coast

The Talk Science Team is on holiday

I will leave you with the new dates for the Talk Science course 2011-2012…

The Talk Science course is all about running classroom discussions around contemporary science-  it’s packed with hands-on activities and practical ideas to use with your students (and is really rather enjoyable if we say so ourselves). There is no charge for the course, and it includes lunch- get in touch to book yourself on!

Thurs 20th October 2011 – Newcastle

Thurs 3rd November 2011 – London

Wed 9th November 2011- Bristol

Thurs 8th December 2011 - Leicester

Thurs 2nd Feb 2012 - London

Thurs 23rd Feb 2012 - Birmingham

Thurs 1st March 2012 – London

Tues 17th April 2012 – Edinburgh

Thurs 24th May 2012 - Belfast

Thurs 14th June 2012 – Cardiff

Thurs 21st June 2012 - London

Wed 4th July 2012 – Manchester

Hope you are all having a great summer- see you in a few weeks!

One thought on “Talk Science Course new dates

  1. Lorraine McIntosh

    Dear Talk Science,

    I would be delighted to attend this CPD in Edinburgh, 17th April and have provisionally booked the date with my employer.

    Can you advise on how to apply or is this request sufficient?



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