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Hello to all after this summer (and then a few weeks) hiatus!

So, we’ve been concocting ways to shake this blog up a bit, and we think you will like what is coming…

The Science Museum has some rather extraordinary collections (if we may say so ourselves), so we are going to start featuring some of our objects and their stories on this blog- we will be looking at groundbreaking inventions that revolutionised people’s lives, and that are still very much relevant to the way we live and the scientific issues and questions we face today- and also a few ideas for how you can engage your students with them.

If you are visiting the museum, you can of course go see the objects in person with your students to facilitate a discussion around a topic you are teaching… But even from the comfort of your classroom, you can use objects from our collections to start your students buzzing. Just seeing a photo, drawing , or model, can help your students conceptualize the idea even if you cannot get to the museum.

To start with, check out our Brought to Life website to browse through some of the medical collections- there are over 4000 beautiful images and supporting material you can use in your classroom…

Turtle-shaped amulet of human remains

Turtle-shaped amulet of human remains

And watch this space! Coming up soon, a device that changed the world and the way we communicate… what ever will it be?


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