Questions that keep me up at night…

There are some questions in life that one really REALLY wants to know the answers to…But never quite gets around to finding out. Say, ever wondered where the safest place to stand is, if you get caught in a thunderstorm? Or that thing about your eyes popping out when you sneeze?

A little while ago BBC Focus Magazine answered the ’101 greatest questions of all time’, and I just stumbled upon it (I don’t know how I managed to sleep at night before this). I think you will find it illuminating, or at least fun. I attach an exerpt:

“Why do identical twins have different fingerprints? Although identical twins share the same DNA, they don’t look identical cell-for-cell, because not every aspect of your physical appearance is rigidly determined by your genes. Fingerprints are formed semi-randomly as the foetus develops in the womb and are affected by such things as chance fluctuations of hormone levels. Similarly, the pattern of freckles and moles on the skin is caused by random mutations and will vary between identical twins.”

Your fingerprints are unique to you

Your fingerprints are unique to you. Image

You will find the rest of the questions here: 1-20, 21-40 , 41-60, 61-80, 81-101.

Questions are the way we explore the world around us. Perhaps your students have some burning questions that didn’t come up on this list- get them to research the answers and present them back to the class as creatively as possible… or challenge them to come up with better questions than those on this list. Who said they were the GREATEST questions of all time anyway?

 Now, aren’t you glad you can sleep easy tonight? Enjoy!

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