Going bionic?

How would you like to be able to check your emails through your contact lenses?

Bionic lenses have now been tested on animals

Bionic lenses- peering into the future?

Researchers at Seattle’s Washington University say that their technology could soon allow people to read emails and texts floating in front of their eyes, or augment their vision with computer-generated images. If you drive, you could be using them to view driving directions, or your car’s speed. Gamers might find them particularly appealing, if they would allow them to enter the virtual world of games more fully- literally, next level stuff!

What’s amazing about this technology is that it has to combine the delicate materials that regular contact lenses are made of, with metal electronic circuitry only nanometres thick, and light emitting diodes a third of a millimetre across. Truly tiny technology for a massive leap ahead!

So keep your eyes peeled (pun intended) for bionic lenses… What else could they be useful for? Would you wear them?  I think I would- as long as it means I won’t have to be reading my emails in my sleep!


3 thoughts on “Going bionic?

  1. Jack

    they would be helpfull but at times they may be annoying as they could pop up when your not expecting it and it could scare you

    1. Micol, Talk Science Project Developer

      You’re right! I dont see why they couldnt work out how to do that, if they have the technology. I wonder if there will be laws about using them whilst driving, a bit like mobile phones?


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