Not long now…

A great big happy 2012 to all!

Here’s hoping your holiday was relaxing (unlikely I’m guessing, unless you were hibernating) and everyone is revving their engines for the ASE conference!

The Science Museum will be at stand B29. Come along and have a go with some of our resources, find out what we can offer teachers and students visiting the Museum, or just say hello.

Come visit us at stand B29!

We are also running 2 sessions during the conference.

The Carbon Cycle Caper: 930-1030 on Thursday 5th Jan in the Sir Alistair Pilkington Building Room 114… participate in the carbon cycle with balls. Really. This activity demonstrates the carbon cycle in a tangible (and fun!) way.

How to Punk your Science: 1400-1500 on Thursday 5th in the Sir Alistair Pilkington Building, Room 111. A workshop packed with ideas to help you spice up your science lessons.

Hope to see lots of you very soon…

Safe travels everyone!

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