Tweet tweet!

Any of you out there using Twitter? What about to follow education or science tweets?

Science tweets- short and sweet

Science tweets- short and sweet

Here’s a just few great accounts for you to follow…

@sciencemuseum  to find out whats going on in the Museum, new events, competitions, thoughts, friendly chat :)

@lottolab the Science Museum’s resident lab, open neuroscience research going on within our very walls…

@scienceweekUK for loads of science & engineering events, going on right now!

@sciencenewsorg for breaking science news- from physics to medicine.

@wiredscience tweets Wired magazine’s science awesomeness (robot sharks with lasers- yes please).

@nysci the New York Hall of Science twitter account gives an interesting comparison to science learning and museums over here.

oh, and one I couldnt resist: @scitechFB  who tweet, in their words ‘daily brain food of amazerific & fantacular science & technology updates from around the web’. Well, if you put it that way…


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