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A couple weeks ago, the European Commission launched its ‘Science: it’s a girl thing’ campaign to encourage girls to study science and consider science careers. An important message, of course, but the video which was released to promote it received a huge backlash (justifiably!).  It did absolutely nothing to stir aspirations or promote the potential of exciting science careers  (looks like it’s  just high heels and cosmetics, girls). 

These ladies , on the other hand, are poster girls for women in HOT science careers, genuine role models for girls considering (or not) whether to study science. From NASA astronauts to the Surgeon General, to founding Flickr, these women are out there now, getting on with it! (Whilst being inspiring and amazing).

Peggy Whitson, a heroine of science & technology

Peggy Whitson, a heroine of science & technology

Have a look and remind your girls that studying science does not necessarily mean working in a lab- far from it! There are a multitude of science career paths to travel, and even if they want to work in the Arts, in Finance etc; studying science means they can go on to do just about anything because the skills they will learn apply to many other disciplines, and to life!

yes, passionate science girl here :)

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