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Give your students Swine Flu

Add a humerous twist to your discussions with Giant Microbes. Anyone who has been to our training course will know that we love the cute and cuddly bugs from STDs to sore throats and everything in between. And now they’ve added Swine Flu to the Giant Microbe family.  

Swine Flu Giant Microbe

Swine Flu Giant Microbe

Giant Microbes make fantastic talk objects which help manage classroom discussion becasue only the person holding the object is allowed to speak. Matching your talk object to the topic of discussion in this way adds a fun dimension to the lesson – we watched a great lesson at Westminster Academy last year on microwaves where the talk object was a rubber hand (wave… do you get it?).

Extra Places just released

Special announcement! Free places available for Talk Science teachers course Tuesday 10th November in London

The Science Museum shares its top tips on getting your students talking about hot science topics in our one day teachers course. The day is packed with ideas and resources to hook your students into a great science discussion.

If you would like to join us next week for the only London based course this term pleace call 020 7401 4040 to book.