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Is happiness contagious?

Want some inspiration for a classroom discussion around the science of happiness? With its potential to explore neuroscience, chemical messengers, bio-synthesis, diet and lifestyle, this could be a great cross-curricular topic to engage your students.

Brain synapses- are they happy?

Here’s a few ways you could get some ideas. First off, check out this fab Punk Science film, where Dan and Jon go head to head with serotonin.

Next, head over to the Science Museum for our Lates this Wednesday 23rd February, and spend a fun evening exploring things that will make you glad, including a live Punk Science show, speed dating, and our fantastic cockroach tour- guaranteed to improve your sense of well-being.

Finally, get some more background on the chemistry of a happy brain, and ask your students if happiness can be viral :)

Enjoy, and happy (pun intended) talking!