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Films, films galore!

When running a classroom discussion, it’s important to kick off with a starter that is engaging as well as informative, something that can help your students form an opinion on the issue and give them some knowledge to bring to the discussion.

Stimulus materials can be anything from relevant objects, news clippings, films, even witty songs. Planning a discussion around nanotechnology? Show your students this great new Punk Science film – Nanotechnology song!  And in Healthy Living, Punk Science explore the neurotransmitters that make us happy (and raise questions about fair testing!)

And if you want to get a few ideas for making your science pop, check out How to Punk your science… Having perfectly messy, artfully tousled hair is not a prerequisite.

Finally, we invited a group of scientists to try out our Mystery Boxes activity- see what they thought about it in this film.


Punk Science are (from left) Dan Hope and Jon Milton