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Fabulous films

In our mission to share useful resources with you, the time has come to talk about the Royal Institution’s  brilliant Ri Channel- packed with engaging videos on loads of different themes.  Beautifully made films tell tales of leaping lizards and criminal penguins, mending a broken heart and what’s inside your head.

What's inside your head?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Plus scientists talk science (of course)  in the lecture series.

Wonderful. Enjoy!

New Punk Junk!

Short films are a great way of providing your students with some knowledge to bring into a discussion, or helping them formulate an opinion on an issue.

We do love films… And we love the Punk Science boys- our home-grown rambunctious science comedians. So we have put the two together.

We now have two new Punk Science films that will make all your dreams come true! Well, they will if you dream about having a fun video on ‘going green’ to show your students before a climate-science themed discussion, or a short flick that clarifies the difference between genetic modification and selective breeding.

If you dream about exotic holidays and eating cherries ’til your stomach aches then I’m not sure if Punk Science can help… but they will make you smile. Enjoy!

Eco Dan: Punk Science shows us how it's done

Eco Dan: Punk Science shows us how it's done