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Designer food, so chic!

Watch out foodies, you may be eating straight from the printer soon!

Turkey and Celery 3D printed cubes

Turkey and celery 3D printed cubes- mmm!

The team at Cornell University’s Computational Synthesis Lab are designing a 3D food printer that you can load with raw food ‘inks’ and print your dinner with! They hope it will change cooking and the future of food production- and mean people can get their meals perfectly customised to their tastes.

Right now the machine only prints with materials that can be squirted from a syringe… building up line by line, and then vertically layer by layer… but they are working on that, as of course people will want to be able to use their own raw materials as ‘inks’ and make their own unique printed edible creations.

Does this leave a bad taste in your mouth? 3D printers could revolutionise medicine by helping us create cartilage and skin quickly and safely in the lab. Is this a better use of the technology? 3D printers are also used to create models and prototypes of objects before they go into mass production. There are plenty of uses for 3D printers- but just because we can do something with technology, does it mean we should?