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The Felix Effect

We all watched it, didn’t we, Fearless Felix Baumgartner’s amazing drop from space.

Felix takes the plunge

Felix takes the plunge. Hello gravity!

We all felt his nervousness and excitement as he prepared to throw himself out of the capsule, the astonishment as he fell at breakneck speed, flipping over and over wildly, and the exhuberance as he regained control and neatly broke the sound barrier as he fell at 1,342km/h.

What an amazing feat- more so because it plays to our imaginations and pushes the boundaries of what  we know is humanly possible… and anything like that  actually makes a great in-road for getting your students talking about science.

The Guardian has a lovely article about how you can use Fearless Felix’s feat as a hook to studying gravity, and plenty of resources and experiments your students can try in the classroom (including some of ours!)

Call it the Felix Effect… or just a great hook- either way, using a relevant, current or provocative event to link into science topics is a brilliant way to show your students that science does genuinely mean something to them.

See you back on solid ground!