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Swab test to predict future illness?

Could a single drop of your saliva tell you if you are prone to genetically inherited diseases?

Model of DNA

Model of DNA (SSPL)

Well this could soon be a reality according to scientists at Edinburgh University. They are developing a quick and cheap swab test to analyse your DNA. the Results could tell you if you were healthly, likely to develop a disease or diagonse conditions like cystic fibrosis. You can read more about this research here

Would you take the test? Would you like to know what your future health might be?

This story is a great starter for a dicussion around DNA, gentetics and gentic inheritance. The human barometer technique would be the perfect way to measure your student’s opinion and see how they would feel about having this test done.

Should pandas be left to face extinction?

TV naturalist Chris Packham said last week in a newspaper article that pandas should be left to face extinction. It’s a shocking statement from a man who is well-known for his love of animals, and one that will provoke strong reactions from your students.

Pandas appeal to peoples’ emotional side, and they have become a poster-child for conservation. As Packham says “It’s easier to raise money for something fluffy”. 

Giant Panda


But panda conservation is expensive, and due to the animals’ limited habitat and extremely restricted diet, it is perhaps unlikely to be ultimately successful. Doesn’t it make more sense to use the same money to protect other species which are more likely to survive in the long-run?

Dr Mark Wright, chief scientist at the WWF maintains that the pandas’ natural habitat in china should be conserved, not just to keep the pandas from extinction, but also the myriad of other wildlife living in the same area.

One way to get your students to really engage with these issues is to run a marketplace activity. Assign each of your students a persona, get them to research the issues and then present their case to the class.

Some ideas for groups include – Chris Packham, WWF workers, rainforest conservationists. You could even get some of the children to be the spokesperson for pandas, or to represent the Yangtze river dolphin, an animal that has become extinct very recently and was sadly much too ugly to attract much in the way of conservation cash. 

Is extinction just a part of life on earth? Do your students feel comfortable deciding which species to save? Can any of your students describe the WWF logo?

Find out more about the marketplace activity or check out our question generating activity - guarenteed to brighten up your lesson planning.