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Emission statement

Many of us have heard about how cattle production contributes more to greenhouse emissions than cars, but have you ever wondered just how they calculate a cow’s emissions? I have, so I will share what I came across today.

Measuring methane production from a cow

The inflatable tank on the cow’s back is connected directly to the cow’s first stomach through holes in its ribs!  The data from this research is being used to determine how much Argentina’s agriculture contributes to climate change. 

If you are planning a classroom discussion around climate change, try using this image as a stimulus. In fact, take a good look at PopSci’s entire gallery of amazing science images, because many are provocative, intriguing and can be used to engage and inform your students in classroom discussions.

A picture spurs a thousand words…

If a picture can tell a story, a powerful image can also be a fantastic tool to stimulate discussion. In fact, an interesting, vivid, thought-provoking image has the dual function of being an engaging hook to get your students talking, as well as putting across information and allowing your students to bring that knowledge into the discussion.

So, we thought we would point you in the direction of the Wellcome Collection’s image awards for this year! These stunning photos are all centered around life sciences and have real wow-factor and accompanying text to give some background science.

Some also challenge preconceptions, for example this image of oral bacteria- which appear so beautiful and intriguing, yet the text reminds us that the bacteria comes from someone with aggressive gum disease.

Source: Wellcome Collection via Derren Ready, Eastman Dental Institute

Photomicrograph of periodontal bacteria

Some are just fascinating, full stop, and all serve to remind us that beauty and art are everywhere in science- and technology has allowed us to capture that.