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Pain is (not) a game

Just launched: Pain Less, the museum’s newest contemporary science exhibition! Check out the team’s blog to read all about the development of the exhibition and the incredible stories  featured.

What’s interesting about this exhibition is how the current state and future of pain relief is explored through the stories of  remarkable people. Pain is a really personal thing, and the sensation of it can be subjective, so there really isnt a one-size-fits-all approach, and telling personal stories makes it really revealing.

Extracting snake venom at the opening of Pain Less

Extracting snake venom at the opening of Pain Less

One of the elements of the exhibition, a digital game called Ouch, was actually co-created for the gallery by a group of year 9 students. If you can’t get to the museum, you & your students can now play online. Aside from being a lot of  fun, the game highlights the role of the brain in sensing pain, and outlines a few of the different options for pain relief  today (did you know that spider venom might be the next big thing?)

Try getting your students to play the game as a stimulus activity for a discussion around drug trials, or the future of medicine. Or let us know how you would use it in the classroom!