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Royal resources

Did you know? The Royal Society has a whole selection of curriculum-linked science teaching resources for Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5. (But do explore what’s available for other key stages than your own, because many activities and experiments can be adapted)

The site is called Invigorate and the resources are based on the work of scientists connected with The Royal Society (eg Isaac Newton). The big thing is that they make the link between ‘historical’ science and our lives today, or how today’s scientific research might impact on the society in future. In other words, they reinforce to your students that science is a part of society; the context in which discoveries were made affected those discoveries, just as much as those discoveries changed society.

X-ray imaging changed the world

X-ray imaging changed the world. Image Noosaradiology.com

Pop over to the site and have a good look through the available resources -from quizzes to practical experiments- which are also linked to plenty of really useful background material like videos and podcasts. Loads of the experiments are based on the projects on display at the Summer Exhibition 2011, so your students can feel connected to real science going on today, and you can find out more about the scientists behind the research too.

Hopefully you will find these resources useful inside and out of the classroom. We really like that they link science in the classroom to science in the world around us and also to the people doing that science- a really important way for students to appreciate how science shapes our world.

Good luck!