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make time for LATES

Guess what’s going on tomorrow in the Museum?  Science Museum Lates! A chance to visit the Museum and have a go (and a drink!) without your students having all the fun. Ahem. It’s free to get in and kicks off at 18:45 (kicks out at 22:00).

We hold  Lates regularly, on the last Wednesday of the month. Each Lates has a specific theme, and this month our theme is the Science of Mental Health. From the silent disco to the pub quiz, to talks and tours, there’s enough going on to keep your whole crew delighted for the evening.

Even better, this time we have an exclusive Teacher Zone! This means that if you are a teacher (and we know there are some of you out there, trying to live semi-normal lives…) you can rock up to the Flight Gallery on the 3rd floor, and find loads of fun classroom activities to try out with a complimentary drink in hand. You can also enter to win one of our Launchboxes, watch a show, or just take in the atmosphere over a few nibbles.

What more could you possibly want on a Wednesday evening?

See you there!


Not long now…

A great big happy 2012 to all!

Here’s hoping your holiday was relaxing (unlikely I’m guessing, unless you were hibernating) and everyone is revving their engines for the ASE conference!

The Science Museum will be at stand B29. Come along and have a go with some of our resources, find out what we can offer teachers and students visiting the Museum, or just say hello.

Come visit us at stand B29!

We are also running 2 sessions during the conference.

The Carbon Cycle Caper: 930-1030 on Thursday 5th Jan in the Sir Alistair Pilkington Building Room 114… participate in the carbon cycle with balls. Really. This activity demonstrates the carbon cycle in a tangible (and fun!) way.

How to Punk your Science: 1400-1500 on Thursday 5th in the Sir Alistair Pilkington Building, Room 111. A workshop packed with ideas to help you spice up your science lessons.

Hope to see lots of you very soon…

Safe travels everyone!

Holidays in Space?

A trip on a Virgin Galactic sub orbital space flight next year will set you back at least $200,000 …..we can all dream! But will these trips ever be affordable and should public money be used to fund them?

Zero gravity

Zero gravity

A report published this week recommends that Britain invests more money in the space industry in order to take advantage of key market opportunities including space tourism.

Take advantage of the current media coverage to run a discussion lesson on space tourism.

Some ideas to get your students thinking…

  • How far could a space tourism trip take you?
  • How long will it be before we can book a hotel on the moon or holiday on Mars?
  • How much risk are the public willing to take? What if there was an accident?
  • Do you need to be as fit as an astronaut to go?
  • What is the carbon footprint of a trip into space?

The increasing public interest in space travel may well be of a benefit to scientists doing research by making extra funding available. However, it could also be a hindrance if there was an increase in health and safety scares linked to space exploration or  if funding gets diverted away from research and invested in space tourism instead.

To get your class discussing this topic you could get groups to each research a different area and follow this with mixed group discussions using the marketplace format. Run a search on space tourism on the web to find multiple news articles and websites with both sides to the story.

As part of the Exploring the Universe Theme Day at the Science Museum on 17th May the Talk Science team will be running a discussion activity on Space tourism for secondary school groups. To book or for more information give our friendly bookings team a call on 020 7942 4777.

New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year!

Is your New year’s resolution to brush up your classroom discussion running skills? If so help is at hand!

The Talk Science team will be running their teacher training course at venues across the UK in 2010. We will be sharing our  top tips on getting your students talking about hot science topics in our one day teachers course packed with ideas and resources to hook your students into a great science discussion (and we guarentee its more fun and less difficult than all those other resolutions to loose weight, give up chocolate, run a marathon etc.) Here’s what one teacher in York thought about the course:

‘The course gave me lots of ideas, and was delivered in a fun and interesting way. It has inspired me to run more discussion lessons in the future.’

The course takes place on the following dates:

21st January – Bristol

28th January – Edinburgh

24th February – Nottingham

18th March – Glasgow

25th March – London

27th May – Birmingham

10th June – Belfast

15th June – London

17th June – Manchester

24th June – Cardiff

1st July – Norwich

6th July – London

13th July – London

The course is free and is supported by BP as part of the Enterprising Science project. Click here to register for a course.

We look forward to meeting  you  throughout 2010.

Come and see us at the ASE conference

The Science Museum learning team will be at the ASE conference in Nottingham on the 7th, 8th and 9th january 2010.

We are delivering a number of sessions including a taster session of the Talk Science training course, and our classroom activity News+Views which lets students create Museum style displays on a contemporary science topic.

Rocket Mice

Rocket Mice

The full line up includes:

Thurs 7th Jan

1400-1600 News and Views: Create a Mini Contemporary Science Exhibition BC16 Biology B39

Fri 8th Jan

 09.30-10.30 Feel The Force T066 Biology B1

11.30-12.30 Talk Science: Effective Contemporary Science Discussions T102 Biology B1

14.00-15.00 Supporting Inspirational Primary Classroom Science BC40 Biology B1

Sat 9th Jan

09.30-10.30 Supporting Inspirational Secondary Classroom Science BC48 Biology B1

Don’t forget to stop by our stand F14 in the marketplace where you try out some of our free online resources, chat with our friendly staff and even get your very own CO2 bubble to carry round with you. See you there!

Students get creative with Rat-brained robot

Students Talk Science @ The Science Museum

Last Friday over 40 KS3 and 4 students took part in our ever popular News+Views Activity. Scientist Mark Hammond from Reading University joined us along with Gordon the Rat-brained robot. Gordon is a very special robot. Controlled by a dish full of rats’ brain cells, he’s helping scientists to understand how our brains work. 

Gordons brain and body

Gordon's brain and body

Working as science journalists, students created news displays based on the Museum’s own Antenna gallery. They got to grill Mark about his research and asked probing questions ranging from ‘will we be able to download ourselves into robots?’ to ‘is it ethical to use rat brain cells to control a robot?’

Students then wrote text, chose images and presented their opinions on the topic to the rest of the group.  You can find out more about Gordon and what scientists are hoping to learn form this research here.

Students presenting their stories

Students presenting their stories

Like the sound of the event? We have more planned next year as part of an exciting new Exploring the Universe themed day at the Museum on 17 May 2010. To keep up to date with the latest goings on from the Science Museum Learning team subscribe to the educators e-newsletter.

Exclusive Teachers Late night opening

On 13th October the Science Museum is opening its doors after hours exclusively for teachers.

You’ll be able to take in a science show, get creative in a workshop or test your science knowledge in the Lates pub quiz. Get hands on in the Launchpad gallery, relax and chat with the Learning team and discover the opportunities on offer for students and teachers across all Key Stages.

As part of the evening you will be able to find out more about the Talk Science Project, we run training courses across the UK for secondary science teacher about running a great classroom discussion. On the night you can take part in our Mystery Boxes activity and be among the first people to try out out new website http://www.talkscience.org.uk.  

There’ll be a free drink for the first 500 teachers and a cash bar throughout the evening.

Tickets are free but booking is essential.

Click here for more information on how to book.

See you there!