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Still life with science

Powerful images can be great stimuli to use in the classroom- they can hook in students, generate opinions and help give them some knowledge to bring to a discussion. Some great galleries to find strong scientific pictures are Wellcome images, Science photo library and  galleries like Popsci’s most amazing science images.

Prettier than it really is: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Prettier than it should be: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

On a different level, you could even get your students to seek out science in the world around them and take their own pictures to use in the classroom – which could be a nice way to engage them with a topic and get them thinking and talking science outside the classroom.  With mobile phone cameras being so good now, your students will already have the tools they need at their fingertips.

If you do try this out, your students can even enter their images into the Young Scientists Journal photography competition- it’s open to anyone aged 18 and under. The categories are energy, camouflage, science behind the Olympics and the result of science. Find out more here!

Happy snapping :)