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Science Museum + TES 4eva

Hello all, welcome back after your holidays! (or are you still off, lucky you?) 

Did any of you see the TES, the Times Educational Supplement, last Friday? If you did, then you might have spotted an announcement that has thrilled our little boots off!

An exciting partnership

An exciting partnership!

The Science Museum has become content partners with TES. This means that all our classroom resources, from hands-on practicals to discussion activities, are now available directly on TES Connect

I don’t need to tell you that TES Connect is an inspiring collection of teaching resources across all ages and all areas of the curriculum- do get stuck in and explore the site.  Being linked up with TES means that everything you can find on the Science Museum classroom resource pages is right there on TES Connect for you too, so as we add new resources to our site, they will also be updated on TES. 

Big, huge, chocolatey thanks to everyone in the Science Museum and on the TES team who worked to make this happen-  we hope this will make it a little easier and more fun for you to get your students excited about science!