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Newcastle and Buxton, new dates – oh my!

It’s been a little while since our last post, but the summer has come and gone and we are back on the road!

A couple weeks ago we delivered our first course of the new academic year in Newcastle (where we got to meet some really great people, AND see the awe-inspiring Angel of the North) and then popped across to beautiful Buxton to run some short workshops on Mystery Boxes and Powerful Questions, hands-on activities that we use on our course.

Did you know the Romans actually established the first spa in Buxton, and named the town ‘Aquae Arnemetiae’? I didn’t… but drinking from the permanent flow at St Anne’s Well revealed that water is still leaving the spring at a temperature of about 28C- gulping a mouthful of warm water straight from a well on a chilly day is delightfully weird!

Buxton Poster, 1950. (NRM / Pictorial Collection / Science & Society)

 So, where can you find us next?

2010 course venues are (drum roll)

London – 11th November

Glasgow – 25th November

Exeter – 8th December

Portsmouth – 10th December

 and 2011 course venues are…

Belfast –  10th February

Cardiff – 3rd March

Edinburgh – 30th & 31st March

London – 6th April

Leeds – 16th June

London – 23rd June

Birmingham – 30th June

London – 7th July

 We’d love to see you, so drop us a line at talk.science@sciencemuseum.org.uk to book a place, or to find out more. The Talk Science course is full of practical ideas on how to run discussions in your classroom- and we like a bit of cake too!

Take care,