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May 2017

For International Museum Day we spoke to staff from across the Science Museum to find out what makes the Museum so special to them. We asked what their favourite object was and why they chose it.

When Coda to Coda were commissioned to create the soundscape to the Robots exhibition at the Science Museum it seemed like the perfect opportunity to think about the relationship between music and machines. Back to basics… Much of what we think of as ‘musical’ nowadays is the result of the feedback between musicians and instrument makers. To take an obvious example, the piano is an embodiment of both a mathematical and physical solution to the concept of musical harmony. Without […]

Recent visitors to the Science Museum may have spied the updated ‘Planet Science’ display in our Exploring Space gallery. Space Curator Doug Millard explores the story behind ‘Planet Science’ below. It’s hard to believe that we didn’t know what the surface of Mars looked like until 1964. That was the year NASA’s Mariner 4 spacecraft flew past the planet and returned the first images. And for many it was a big disappointment; no rivers or oceans; no vegetation; no indications […]