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Science City Meets the Media
By Amrita Pal

…III collection of King’s College and from the Royal Society, said Roger Highfield, Science Director. Science City curator, Alex Rose with Tim Craig, seismologist from the University of Leeds The…

Sir Roger Penrose’s Mathematical Art of the Cyclic Cosmos
By Roger Highfield

…of all. Roger Penrose speaking at Oxford Mathematics London Public Lecture Sir Roger’s research has stretched from pioneering work on black holes with Stephen Hawking, to quantum ideas of consciousness,…

IVF: from 6 million test tube babies to 400 million by 2100
By Amrita Pal

…the 40th birthday of Louise Brown in the Science Museum IMAX Theatre with Louise herself and Roger Gosden, a former doctoral student of IVF pioneer Robert Edwards, and Roger Highfield….

Government Chief Scientist on Brexit, Gene Editing and AI
By Bob Ward

…outlining the key parts of his job before answering questions from Dr Roger Highfield, the Museum’s Director of External Affairs who chaired the event, as well as journalists and members…

Scientists meet the Media party: ‘important we tell stories about science’s boundless frontier’
By Amrita Pal

…of Tim Peake’s Soyuz spacecraft. Alex Bellos and Roger Highfield Highfield said that: ‘In the world of museums, we can use a more powerful and ancient language to connect with…

25th Scientists Meet the Media Party held at the Science Museum
By Heather Morris

…right: Sarah Sands, Julie Maxton and Roger Highfield. Highfield pointed out how, in this era of Brexit, the Museum Group aims to further raise its international engagement, pointing out how…

Ultimate molecular machine plays key role in superbug fight
By Roger Highfield

At a Hay Festival event sponsored by the Royal Society, Director of External Affairs Roger Highfield interviewed the President of the Society, Nobelist Venki Ramakrishnan. The ribosome is a complex…

Quantum Computing: What, Who, How and When?
By Roger Highfield

…a quantum computer. He refers to himself as a ‘quantum mechanic’ and in 2018 was interviewed by Roger Highfield of the Science Museum to discuss the rise of quantum theory…

Virtual You: How Digital Twins Will Transform Medicine
By Science Museum

…Change Your Life’. The book is the third by Science Museum Science Director Roger Highfield with Professor Peter Coveney of University College London and the CompBioMed consortium, who has created…

Biggest Intelligence Test Exposes The Limits Of IQ
By Will Dave

…think? The answer is an emphatic no, according to the results of a landmark experiment conducted on many tens of thousands of people with the help of Roger Highfield of…

Lord Rees, Astronomer Royal, in Conversation with Dr Brian May
By Science Museum

…event of the Museum’s Summer of Space season, Lord Rees and Dr May discussed the past, present, and future of space travel with the museum’s Science Director, Roger Highfield. Lord…

The past, present and future of general relativity
By Roger Highfield

The birth of general relativity By Dr Roger Highfield Governing the universe on the largest scales, general relativity stands with quantum mechanics, which reigns on the smallest scales, as a…