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Sleep: from the lab to Nobel prizes and the daily rhythms of life
By Roger Highfield

Dr Roger Highfield explains how when we fall asleep, we celebrate the way that most life on our planet is adapted to the rotation of the Earth, and the daily rise and fall of the Sun in the sky.

Take part in the world’s first AI test of human intelligence
By Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield, Director of External Affairs explores a new online intelligence test with an AI twist.

Broadcasting from the Tomorrow’s World gallery to the world
By Roger Highfield

Science Museum Director of External Affairs Roger Highfield explores tonight’s Space themed Science Museum Lates, where the BBC will be launching a new live interactive show.

European Inventor Award – vote for your favourite invention
By Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield introduces this year’s European Inventor Award finalists.

Reuniting Tim Peake with his Soyuz
By Roger Highfield

Director of External Affairs, Roger Highfield, reports on the announcement of Tim Peake’s second mission to the ISS and our new virtual reality experience.

Science Museum Soars to New Heights with Mathematics: The Winton Gallery
By Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield describes the launch of the Museum’s pioneering Mathematics gallery, designed by Dame Zaha Hadid.

Understanding what it means to be human
By Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield, Director of External Affairs, explains how the Museum is advancing research with its Live Science programme for scientists.

Oxford and the forgotten man of penicillin
By Roger Highfield

Walk through the ground floor of the Science Museum and you will pass by a little brass box which contains mould donated by Sir Alexander Fleming. Roger Highfield explains more.

Bill Gates and argue for progress through investment in science
By Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield, Director of External Affairs, describes an extraordinary meeting of minds that took place in the Science Museum.

Global threat of antibiotic resistance inspires Superbug app game
By Roger Highfield

The Science Museum has helped inspire a new game about superbugs. Roger Highfield explains more.

Brian Cox and the forces of nature
By Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield reflects on a new TV series by Prof Brian Cox, Forces of Nature.

Colliding worlds: the advance of art-sci
By Alex Tyrrell

Roger Highfield reflects on a Cheltenham Science Festival discussion about a new direction for the interactions between art and science directions

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