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Alex Tyrrell

  Creating exhibitions about cutting-edge science is a hard task for museums. We want to share the latest mind-blowing scientific discoveries and innovations with everyone who comes through our doors, but keeping things up-to-date isn’t always easy. Science moves fast but museums, by their nature, adopt a slower pace. Much of what we do best is to present world-changing ideas and inventions, often from a distant past when scientific instruments were beautifully crafted in mahogany and brass. When it comes […]

A glimpse of how big data can make healthcare more proactive, preventative and predictive was given by the world’s best-known biotechnology entrepreneur, Dr. Craig Venter, last night at the Science Museum’s Director’s Annual Dinner. Dr. Venter, who flew to the Museum from his home La Jolla and returns to Washington today, is the recipient from President Obama of the National Medal of Science, the highest honour awarded to scientists by the US government. Dr. Venter recently set up Human Longevity […]