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Peter Dickinson

Peter is Associate Director of Communications for the Science Museum.

The Science Museum’s Head of Communications, Peter Dickinson, responds to concerns raised about an image used in the marketing campaign for our new interactive gallery. Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery is extraordinary; it is a gallery designed with the sophistication to impress one of the UK’s most respected architecture critics, the Observer’s Rowan Moore, while at the same time prompting Time Out to write: “If Stephen Hawking and Willy Wonka designed the ultimate science playground then it might go a little […]

Strong calls for evidence-based policy-making and gender equality were made last night by guest speaker, Professor Anne Glover, at the Science Museum’s Director’s Annual Dinner. Speaking on the day the European Commission (EC) revealed that her previous role as Chief Scientific Adviser to the EC President will now be performed by a committee of high level scientists, the biologist warned of the perils of preventing scientists who advise Government from speaking openly about their work. Professor Glover, Vice Principal for […]

More than 350 of the Science Museum’s most ardent supporters last night celebrated what Director Ian Blatchford described as an “exceptional year” for the museum, and the contribution of Chairman of the Board of Trustees Douglas Gurr. The event was also distinguished by a speech given by the Director of the world’s most prestigious institute of theoretical research. Usually, the man to hand out the honours at the Annual Director’s Dinner, Dr. Gurr was last night on the receiving end […]