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Sophie Waring

Sophie Waring is Curator of Chemistry at the Science Museum, working in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Pierre and Marie Curie in the laboratory, 1 January 1904.

To mark the 150th birthday of possibly the most celebrated female scientist in history, Curator of Chemistry, Sophie Waring, looks at the life of Marie Curie, and the surprising products that were made from her discovery of Radium.

Silk skirt and blouse dyed with Sir William Henry Perkin's Mauve Aniline Dye.

110 years ago on this day, 14 July 1907, the famous chemist William Henry Perkin died. To commemorate this anniversary, Sophie Waring, Curator of Chemistry, looks at items in the collections linked to his most famous invention: mauveine, the first synthetic organic chemical dye.