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Tanya Dean

Tanya is the Learning Resources Project Developer for the Enterprising Science project. She spends most of her time developing teaching resources for young people which aim to help them see the value of science by linking what they know from their everyday lives to the science they learn in school.  As part of the wider Learning department, Tanya commissions and edits blog posts about the work of the Learning team.

Richard Pering, Learning Resources Project Coordinator, shares the latest news from the Building Bridges project.

Stella Williams from our Learning Support Team writes about one of her favourite Science Museum objects The VCS3 was more or less the first portable commercially available synthesizer, unlike previous machines which were housed in large cabinets and were known to take up entire rooms. It was created in 1969 by EMS (Electronic Music Studios), a company founded by Peter Zinovieff. The team at EMS used a combination of computer programming knowledge, advanced engineering and musical ambition to create a […]

Jack Gelsthorpe and Lauren Souter are both Audience Researchers working on the new Information Age gallery. Here they discuss some of the work they do in prototyping digital media for the exhibition. In September 2014 an exciting new gallery, Information Age, which celebrates the history of information and communication technologies, is due to open at the Science Museum. The gallery will include some truly fascinating objects such as the 2LO transmitter, part of the Enfield telephone Exchange and the impressive Rugby Tuning […]