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Futurecade Is Here And Wants You To Play

Find out what robotic lobsters and genetically engineered bugs have in common in our new game Futurecade

By Micol Molinari  – Learning Resources Developer

What do robotic lobsters and genetically engineered bugs have in common?

They both star in Futurecade, our brand new suite of online games based on cutting-edge research.

Screengrab of the Science Museum's new game Futurecade

The games – Bacto-Lab, Robo-Lobster, Cloud Control and Space Junker – explore heavy-hitting science in a fun (read: addictive) way.

You won’t see science pop-ups explaining how things work, but you will be encouraged to consider your own opinion on the issues and hopefully you’ll be inspired to find out more. Because that’s the point, we want the games to generate interest and discussion around the science of today and tomorrow – and be so fun that you come back to them again and again!

If playing the games piques your interest in groundbreaking research, visit our Antenna gallery for up-to-the-minute news, exhibitions and live events around the science that’s shaping our lives.

Play Futurecade now!