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Hi, Dr. Nick!

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A big hello from SFTS to astronaut  Dr. Nicholas Patrick, who’s aboard the current Shuttle mission to the International Space Station. He’ll be carrying out three spacewalks during the mission, helping to fit new modules including the station’s snazzy new observation dome. Nick officially opened our revamped Space gallery a few years ago – here he is with our replica of the Apollo 11 lunar module.

Nick says that watching the Apollo 11 landing as a child inspired him to become an astronaut (Image: Science Museum)

Astronauts are allowed to take some personal items with them. Nick has chosen some memorabilia of Captain Cook, one of his inspirations – he spent his early years in North Yorkshire, close to where Cook was born. And the Shuttle being flown on this mission is Endeavour, named after Cook’s most famous ship.

Shuttle Endeavour lifting off... (Image: NASA / Science & Society)

Shuttle Endeavour lifts off ... (Image: NASA / Science & Society)

... and a model of the original.

... and a model of its namesake. (Image: Science Museum)

Twitter users can get news direct from onboard Endeavour by following Nick’s tweets, or checking out his crewmate Soichi Noguchi’s spectacular images of the Earth from above.

Written by Alison Boyle

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