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Today astronauts Tim Peake and Tim Kopra wowed hundreds of school children with tales from the International Space Station (ISS) on the same day the European Space Agency (ESA) attempted to land the Schiaparelli module on Mars. The ISS crewmates came to the Science Museum as part of the Principia UK post-flight tour, which has seen them visit seven cities across Britain including all four UK capitals and Manchester, where they touched down at our sister museum, the Museum of Science […]

We love receiving letters from our visitors and we always try our best to write back as soon as possible. In fact, most of the letters we receive are from primary schools that have just visited the Museum. Kids being kids, they can be brutally honest in telling us their likes (e.g. big bangs!) and dislikes (also big bangs). The pupils from Parkhill School visited the Launchpad and saw the Flash! Bang! Wallop! Launchpad show on their outing to the Museum.  […]