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Ahead of the opening of IVF: 6 Million Babies Later, father Gareth Down shares his experience with IVF and the lesser-told story of the male struggle.

By Martin Johnson

Bob Edwards and IVF

Professor Martin Johnson explores the difficulties experienced by physiologist and Nobel laureate Bob Edwards in his pioneering IVF work.

By a guest author

Pandora’s Box

Artist Esther Fox explores the ethical challenges associated with pre-natal genetic screening in a new piece of art now on display in the Museum.

Micol Molinari, Learning Resources Project Coordinator writes about the Summer Science Exhibition at the Royal Society. The exhibition runs from 2-7th July and is free entry.  Exciting, colourful, inspiring: fancy a little of that this week? You’re in luck. Every year, a specially selected group of researchers and technologists from across the nation, take over the Royal Society building and garden and turn them into an incredible celebration of scientific endeavour – the Summer Science Exhibition – filled with interactive exhibits, games, live demonstrations, prizes, and […]