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August 2016

Etienne Trouvelot, Lithograph in colour, Total eclipse of sun; observed 29 July 1878.

Since the dawn of human consciousness, a total eclipse has been seen as unsettling, even frightening, a short-lived triumph of evil over good that was thought to be a bad omen. Attitudes towards this drama changed over the millennia, first with ancient calendars that charted the rhythms of the heavens, then with increasingly accurate scientific observations of the moment when the Moon snuffs out the Sun. As this way of thinking took hold, the eclipse morphed from a mystical into […]

By a guest author

Citizen Science

Shazia Ali-Webber is a founder of I Like Clean Air is one of the case studies being explored as part of the Science Museum’s new exhibition, Beyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution. I Like Clean Air is a group of London families campaigning for cleaner air in the city. I joined with other families to set up this group because I was concerned about the dangerous levels of air pollution where my children go to school and play. In […]

Artist Esther Fox pictured with her artwork in the Who Am I? gallery
By a guest author

Pandora’s Box

Artist Esther Fox explores the ethical challenges associated with pre-natal genetic screening in a new piece of art now on display in the Museum.

By a guest author

Health Hacking

Type 1 Diabetes is a condition that needs to be managed around the clock. Ask anyone who has managed this condition for an extended amount of time and you will hear that the main challenges are not the multiple daily injections, or even the invasive blood testing, but the mental pressure to keep track of your blood sugars, treatments, medication calculations and the relentless effort to keep this never-ending juggling act going.