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Kayleigh Beard

Would you like to take a test to see what you’ll be like in the future? Well, if so an Oddy test could be what you’re looking for – although unfortunately it’s not suitable for human testing. An Oddy test is an accelerated aging procedure that we carry out on materials to see how they’ll react over time. It was first introduced by Mr Andrew Oddy in the 1970s and materials are enclosed in a test tube with metal coupons and heated […]

In previous blog posts you’ve had a taster of how we manage conservation at the Museum, but there’s much more to come… But before we get carried away with our fantastic objects and treatments, let’s answer that fundamental question: what is conservation? The National Trust sums up conservation nicely as ‘the careful management of change’. The objects in our collection are often acquired for their historical significance. They tell us a story, and we aim to maintain the condition of […]