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Rupert Cole

Rupert Cole is Associate Curator of Chemistry at the Science Museum, working in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry

On 28 July 1907 an American chemist and inventor whose name would become synonymous with plastic food containers was born.

‘The French Riviera’, Southern Railway poster, 1928. Credit: NRM/SSPL

Ahead of our upcoming exhibition The Sun: Living With Our Star, associate curator Rupert Cole explores the history and science of suncream.

British soldiers wearing gas masks, 1917, c.Kodak Collection, National Media Museum, SSPL

Ahead of the final week of the Wounded exhibition, Associate Curator of Chemistry Rupert Cole looks at poison gas in the First World War.

Teflon artificial arteries, DuPont, 1994

On this day in 1938 a young DuPont research chemist accidentally discovered a slippery, white substance that would become a 20th-century wonder material: Teflon. Assistant Curator Rupert Cole explores its history.

Science Museum mathematical model and Wadsworth's poster design

On this day in 1889 the Modernist painter Edward Wadsworth was born. Assistant Curator Rupert Cole explores an interaction Wadsworth had with Science Museum objects in the 1930s.

Content Developer Rupert Cole explores some famous moustaches in particle physics ahead of the opening of our new Collider exhibition on 13th November.