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Susannah Shute

Pencil that does your homework for you!

A pencil that does your homework for you, clouds that rain chocolate and a levitating chair – just a few of the ingenious inventions that have been dreamt up by visitors to our Launchpad gallery.

Blythe House

Hollywood glamour isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a museum store but Blythe House, the Science Museum’s small object store, is the red hot destination for filmmakers right now.

Darwin's Monster in early playtesting

Last month we held our first ever Games Jam. Six games were created but there could only be one winner – find out which one it was…

Brainstorming at the Games Jam

It’s a tall order, but it can be done. During our Games Jam last Friday, the six teams came up with six brand new games, playtested and perfected them – all in the course of a day.

Simon from Slingshot

Last Friday the great and the good from the world of live gaming descended on the Museum. They came to inspire the participants in our Games Jam – people who were going to have to design their own games in just one day.

Computer game character with a gun

To tie in with our magnificent PLAYER live gaming festival, the theme of this month’s Lates was – wait for it – gaming.

Alan Sutcliffe speaking at the meeting

While researching our new exhibition about the history of electronic music, we had the amazing opportunity to meet a few of the people who were there making music in the 1960s and 70s, when futuristic electronic sounds were being experimented with for the very first time.

Recreation of 1980s surgery techniques

Our 1980s operating theatre came back to life this morning, as we brought back together a surgical team from London’s Westminster Hospital to carry out three operations in the way they would have been performed in 1983. The idea is to capture how operations were performed in the past when surgery was very different from how it is today.

People mixing up their bath bombs

Chemistry was the key to this month’s Lates – the chemistry of bath products, warfare, alcohol and even luuurve…