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Games Jam Winners

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Last month we held our first ever Games Jam, where participants were invited to create a brand new game inspired by our collections and galleries in just one day. Six games were created but there could only be one winner…

The winning game was called Darwin’s Monster and here are the judge’s comments:

Darwin’s Monster was really fantastic, I’m sure it’s something that could be developed and played again at the Science Museum.

The team playtested it in the Who Am I Gallery and it was judged to be both a great icebreaker with participants and really relevant to the gallery’s focus. The team also worked brilliantly together – they recruited players for about 5 rounds of the game and all explained the rules clearly.

Darwin's Monster in early playtesting

Darwin's Monster in early playtesting

Simon Fox (www.playlablondon.co.uk), Rob Harris (www.playtest.co.uk) and John Waterworth walk away with the coveted PLAYER award 2011. Congrats!

Written by Susannah Shute

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