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Photograph showing Jojo, a baby gorilla at Belle Vue, Manchester.

Dr. Gillian Forrester from Me, Human and Birkbeck, University of London investigates how traits from our 500 million-year-old brain still underpin some of our most important human behaviours, as part of a Live Science residency at the Science Museum.

Dr. Heather Kappes from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) investigates how and why we spend our money the way we do, as part of a Live Science residency at the Science Museum.

Dr Lily FitzGibbon from the Motivation Science Lab, University of Reading, investigates how we can understand curiosity, as part of a Live Science residency at the Science Museum.

ECG cap
By Drs Jon Silas and Alexander Jones

Is there a link between you and me?

In our latest Live Science experiment researchers from Middlesex University are investigating the relationship between awareness of our own actions and empathy with others.

A cat and dog engaged in prosocial behaviour
By a guest author

How social am I?

We are prosocial for many reasons, but does does age affect this behaviour. Researcher Lucy Foulkes explains more.

Emilie Brotherhood reports on the latest in our series of Live Science research residencies. Look at this picture – how old are the people sitting at the table? Did you look at the children’s faces? You might have noticed the girl’s boots raised off the floor. The faces and the boots are the biggest clues to the children’s age. From these clues, you would see that they are young. On the other hand, if we asked you to tell us […]

Entertaining stampeding children, discussing the complexities of the human mind, and making people marvel at incredible illusions – all part of a day’s work at Lottolab