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March 2016

By Amy Pollak Many of the everyday items we use all the time can now contain nanoparticles. So what are they doing in our sunscreen, clothes or food packaging? Nanoscience and nanotech research covers a wide range of areas including healthcare, materials, combating climate change and nanotechnology’s interaction with people and the environment. Our latest topical case in the Antenna gallery features the Drinkable Book, a book containing both educational information and paper water filters. Each page is printed with […]

Today, one of the largest solar farms in the UK opened. Matt Moore, Head of the SMG Wroughton Site explains more.  Built at a former RAF airfield now owned by the Science Museum Group (SMG), the 88 acres of photovoltaic (PV) arrays will generate close to 50 GWh of energy each year. This is enough energy to power 15,400 homes, and is over three times the annual energy usage of our Museums in the SMG. Who is building and operating the solar farm? […]

Lazutkin © Science Museum

The Science Museum had an exciting visit by Russian Cosmonaut Aleksandr Lazutkin on 13 November 2015. Lazutkin © Science Museum Aleksandr Lazutkin was a flight engineer on the 1997 Soyuz TM-25 mission to the Mir space station, where he spent a total of 184 days. During his time on Mir he experienced a power cut, a collision and a fire on the station. He was joined by space law and colonisation expert Dr Jill Stuart and philosopher Professor Angie Hobbs. They […]

It’s tricky getting to Mars. The voyage takes months, your spacecraft has to perform some delicate manoeuvres along the way and then – there is Mars itself! It has not been a welcoming world. Almost 50 missions have been launched to the red planet by a host of different nations and space agencies. Some 30 of these have failed or enjoyed only very limited success.