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Chiwing Man

As an Explainer Developer, Chi's role is to engage visitors in science via demonstrations, workshops and through play.  Chi gets to make lots of bubbles and enjoys sharing visitor creations, highlighting the great work done by the Explainers.

Fancy watching Robert Hooke and Isaac Newton dressed up in sumo costumes to wrestle over who truly discovered gravity? Well that’s the kind of thing that happens in Science Museum Live – and the second season is starting in January 2012.

There’s a keyboard player and a drummer ready to play some uplifting tunes below a giant disco ball. No, I’m not talking about a 1970s inspired Glee episode. I am of course talking about our Garden interactive gallery!

Hamster-powered vegetable gardens, multi-tasking hats with limbs and rubber-producing clouds. Our visitors are a creative lot. Check out some of the crazy contraptions they’ve come up with.

To stop the big kiddies frightening the little ones we have different Key Stage days during term-time inside our Launchpad gallery. Despite the age difference, some things never change…