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Visitor Letters – Flat Stanley's Adventures At The Science Museum

We love receiving letters from our visitors. In this letter, a girl called Molly asked us to track the adventures of 'Flat Stanley' for a school project.

We love receiving letters from our visitors.

In fact, most of the letters we receive are from primary schools that have just visited the Museum.

Kids being kids, they can be brutally honest in telling us their likes (e.g. big bangs!) and dislikes (e.g. also big bangs). Most letters read like a story from when the kids got off the bus to the galleries they visited and then eventually concluding with what they bought from our Museum shop.

We always try our best to write back as soon as possible. Recently we received a request from a girl called Molly, whose school project was to have a character called ‘Flat Stanley’ being sent to the Science Museum for an adventure (click to enlarge).

Molly's letter telling us about Flat Stanley
It was our task to take photos of ‘Flat Stanley’ around different objects inside the Museum to keep a record of his epic adventure, as shown below:

Explainer Fact: If your little ones would like to send us a letter, please send it to: Launchpad Letters, Science Museum, London, SW7 2DD

4 comments on “Visitor Letters – Flat Stanley's Adventures At The Science Museum

  1. I loved this! You should blog more letters! There used to be a noticeboard to display the best letters you could blog the best ones.

    (from AliceB, who over a decade ago now had the job of reading and replying to all the Explainer letters and…)

    1. Hi Alice,
      Always nice to hear from Ex-Explainers.. i’m sure we’ll have more letters up soon to remind you of the old days!
      Claire T

  2. Thank you for showing kindness to Flat Stanley. I am the elementary teacher who created the Flat Stanley Project 16years ago. I am always delighted to read about adventures and visits involving the little flat guy.
    If you would like to set up a more formal relationship where the Flat Stanley site could feature you and your contributions and where we could provide some official content, I hope you will contact me.
    Thank you for supporting the Flat Stanley Project.

    Dale Hubert
    Creator of the Flat Stanley Project,
    Chief Educational Officer, Flatter World Inc.

    1. Thanks Dale for your comment. It is exciting to hear about your Flat Stanley project, it looks great. So far Flat Stanley has only had one adventure at the Science Museum but we’ll look forward to meeting any others who come visiting soon!

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