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Lottolab At The Science Museum

Think a science lab is full of glass beakers and Bunsen burners? You obviously haven’t been to Lottolab - led by Beau Lotto and this team.

Post Written by Explainer Dominique

Think a science lab is full of glass beakers and Bunsen burners? You obviously haven’t been to Lottolab!

Lottolab is the world’s first public perception research space set up by Beau Lotto and his team here at the Science Museum. Through their research, they seek to deepen both our scientific and philosophical understanding of human perception. Helping them is a team of young budding scientists from the ‘i, Scientist’ project.

The ‘i, Scientist’ project is a series of workshops that encourages school children to change the way they think about science and themselves. As an Explainer, I’ve been assisting with the project – showing the children and the Lottolab team around the Museum and generally helping out.

Pupils working on the 'I, Scientist' project

The project takes children aged 5-18 from different schools and gets them to work together to ask questions, design real experiments and analyse data before coming to their own conclusions. It’s been great to see the children develop their understanding and appreciation of science.

iScientist blindfold game
A student scientist gives guidance to a test participant, who is attempting to follow a path using sound alone. In the background, other students carefully gather data on the accuracy and speed of the participant as part of their experiment.

One of the schools – Anson Primary made this ‘trailer’ for their experiments.

The ‘I, Scientist’ project is currently in its 2nd year with the aim of extending the programme to many more schools around the country. Check out some of the work done in last years ‘I, Scientist’ project in this film.

Come along and experience the weird and wonderful Lottolab for yourselves.

Explainer Fact: The experiment developed in the 1st year of ‘I, Scientist’ involved finding your way around a path whilst blindfolded.