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Discover more about Live Science and other research projects held at the Museum. Live Science is an ongoing project where scientists come into the Science Museum to carry out research using our visitors as volunteers.

Dr.Allan Ponniah is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital, London. He has been involved in the latest Live Science experiment at the Science Museum – ‘Are your facial expressions unique?’ – run in collaboration with researchers from Imperial College London. Below he explores how the data gathered at Live Science could improve the lives of autistic children and people undergoing reconstructive surgery amongst many others. The human face is an incredible part of our bodies. It plays […]

By Alison Boyle, Keeper of Science Collections We’ve got plenty of Christmas cheer planned here at the Science Museum, but we also always look forward to what our friends at the Royal Institution have in store for their annual Christmas Lectures. This year we’re excited to hear materials chemist Professor Saiful Islam talk about energy and new fuel technologies. This is just one example of many ways in which chemistry plays an important role in addressing the challenges we face […]

By a guest author

Health Hacking

Type 1 Diabetes is a condition that needs to be managed around the clock. Ask anyone who has managed this condition for an extended amount of time and you will hear that the main challenges are not the multiple daily injections, or even the invasive blood testing, but the mental pressure to keep track of your blood sugars, treatments, medication calculations and the relentless effort to keep this never-ending juggling act going.

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