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Next Wednesday we’ve got an exciting new exhibition opening. Hidden Heroes explores the way in which 36 of our unsung design classics came into existence.

The Unbuilt Room is a 1980s computer text adventure made real.You remember text adventures: “You’re in a room…”, “Exits are North and East”, “GET LAMP”, that sort of thing.

Are you annoyed by cartons that don’t pour properly or people talking too loudly on public transport? Well now’s your chance to share an everyday irritation with our inventor in residence, Mark Champkins.

Already excited about this month’s live gaming festival? Come along to our first ever Games Jam and help create a game to be played at the festival.

Exciting details about some of the games you can play at our live gaming festival PLAYER from 28 September to the 2 October.

Meet our new Inventor in Residence – Mark Champkins. Find out what inspired him to become an inventor, the greatest invention ever and what objects in the Museum influence him the most.