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Explore the work of our contemporary science team who run the Tomorrow’s World Gallery. In partnership with the BBC the gallery inspires visitors with the latest scientific inventions and explores the impact they could have on our future.

Dr.Allan Ponniah is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital, London. He has been involved in the latest Live Science experiment at the Science Museum – ‘Are your facial expressions unique?’ – run in collaboration with researchers from Imperial College London. Below he explores how the data gathered at Live Science could improve the lives of autistic children and people undergoing reconstructive surgery amongst many others. The human face is an incredible part of our bodies. It plays […]

Cybernetic tortoise, c 1950. Invented by William Grey Walter. Credit: Science Museum/SSPL

The quest for artificial intelligence is gathering pace, with research groups worldwide in both universities and industry making huge advances in the development of sophisticated neural networks – inspired by the architecture of the brain – that may one day give computers the capacity for independent thought. Recent developments in machine learning and the proliferation of smart devices interconnected via a global high-speed network are already starting to enable far greater interaction between machines and information – what many call […]

Our Lives in Data - an exhibition exploring how big data is transforming the world around us.

With the museum’s Director of External Affairs, Roger Highfield, and Prof Ed Dougherty of Texas A&M, Peter Coveney of University College London has written a critique of the blind use of big data in biology. Here Prof Coveney sums up their paper. Visit the Our Lives in Data exhibition in the Science Museum’s Wellcome Wing and you will see a section on the revolution in genetics. Today it is cheaper than ever to read a person’s entire genetic code (genome), […]

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